Epoxy Flooring Systems offers multiple benefits to industrial and commercial facilities.


Healthcare, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace and more.


Epoxy flooring system installation takes time, and uses up your floor so it needs to be planned accurately.


A floor is just like any other part of your building and business, it requires long-term concrete floor maintenance. 


Epoxy flooring is dependable and versatile. It’s inexpensive, yet long-lasting. Epoxy flooring systems protects against spills, increases safety of the industrial space, is durable and enhances the appearance.


Manufacturing | Aerospace | Pharmaceutical | Technology | Public Safety Facilities | Food & Beverage Processing | Warehousing & Storage | Health & Medical Flooring | Chemical Containment


Clean the floor, Remove Chipped Paint/Coatings. Repair Surface Issues. Check for MVT, Concrete Preparation, Shot Blasting, Diamond Grinding, then Priming


Maintenance on epoxy flooring is pretty low-key, but there are some important things to do regularly: daily sweep, weekly/bi-weekly scrubbing, be on the lookout for large stains or cracks, and recoat when your floors have lost their luster after a couple years.